Mathias Koester

CEO + Founder

I am an architect by training and have been promoting green designs throughout my career wherever possible.

Thereby I strongly believe that done well, green design is not a burden, but much more an opportunity to define a new architectural expression, that relates to our modern luxurious lifestyle and equally addresses the obvious need

to protect our green, natural world.

GREENLUXURY aspires to become a world leader in promoting and providing green luxury products, services and experiences.

We embrace the challenge of implementing sustainability into the high end market and  to create products that are good for the people as well as for our planet.

As such we launched our GREENLUXURY online creativity hub to bring together those designers, brands and customers who have an interest in this new way of responsible high living.

The site showcases an inspiring selection of offers in the fields of ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, FASHION, LIFESTYLE and TRAVEL and most excitingly has a full directory of green luxury offers worldwide.


So, welcome to the


Designed for a Better Living!




We believe that life should be lived at its full potential and in harmony with our precious world.

GREENLUXURY is our way to explore desire and sustainability in equal measures

proposing inspiring architecture, design, lifestyle and fashion

for the people and for the planet.