Quality clothing.

Ethically made, lovingly crafted.


With Heritage all in one.

Cloudia Vardon is a Designer and Visual Merchandiser with an MA in Design. In over 15 years in fashion Cloudia has cut her teeth on a variety of roles, from an internship on Menswear at John Rocha to product development for Whistles and Jaeger.

As a designer Cloudia is strongly cerebral and researched based. She designs with a narrative and a desire to widen perspectives – one example is creating textile prints that illustrate how people with colour-blindness see the world.

A true Afropolitan, Cloudia’s Ghanaian, Lebanese and English heritage have woven themselves – along with her upbringing in London and West of Ireland – deep into her work. Cloudia also brings a fresh and unique perspective into her design because she has Synaesthesia – a neurological condition which produces a criss-crossing of the senses. Cloudia feels colour. She tastes pattern. Her first language is visualisation. Through Cloudia’s kaleidoscope – the world looks, feels and works differently.


The brand concept interprets the juxtaposing ideas of Ethics and Luxury…unusual…avante garde.