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Floor Length Asymmetric Crepe Satin Gown


Philosophise your eyes and skin in a healthy helping of organic floor length fabric, caught at the side seams by an elasticated contrast belt, showing a keyhole of skin.

Form: Revealing only one right shoulder and arm and maybe painted toes as you glide across the floor beneath in this Digital Silk Pixel One Shoulder Dress.

Print: Pixel 300 print in 3 tones of red based on hues of pink/purple/blue - a combination that a colour-blind person would confuse.

The Goddess Collection: Is an 16-piece curated collection of one of a kind pieces. Hand dyed. in a Series of themes. Hand screen-printed. Hand finished detailing.
Organic Silks, Chiffons, Organic silk Habotai , Organic silk Georgette Organic Chiffon Wool Cashmere Organic Ghanaian cotton treated with (delicious) Cassava powder.

Feminine leaning. Gender Neutral if your inner Goddess wiggles a belly dancing shimmy for it! ) Conscious of the way women move, fabulous, feminine, and regal. The aesthetic: is flattering, elegant, and luxurious. You hear the sounds of the Belly dancing coins as you walk…

Draping: Cloudia’s process starts with deconstructed versions of Kaftan, Bubu, and Jellaba, the traditional heritage garments from her origins, then Couture draping technique, working from the bust form, where the silhouettes are created, before the technical Blueprint tailor’s pattern is created in card.

The Goddess Collection Colour: The various colourways combine red and brown, orange and green, and pink blue and purple. The colourways are based on colour-blind visuals. What clashes to us, is harmonious to them.

Goddess Prints and Textures: The prints, on organic fabrics, reflect how the vision impaired may view the world; like a pixilated TV monitor on the textured cottons or the diaphanous blur on silk and chiffon.

  • ★★★★☆ G-factor

    ★★★★☆ green
    ★★★★★ luxury

    ★★★★☆ social

    ★★★★☆ recycable

    ★★★☆☆ innovation

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