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GREENLUXURY House Design by Architect Mathias Koester.

The house features an open groundfloor layout with retractable glassscreens for an inside-outside living experience, to make the most of the views and natural setting of your site.

The upper level bedrooms feature private green patios to continue the inside-outside living experience. 

Topped by a rooftop terrace with infinity pool and a solar panelled canopy this house connects with nature at all levels and transpires an inspiring living experience of joy and wellbeeing in all of its spaces.


  • Design Prices

    Design Prices from the Feasibility Design to Detail Design are given as prices per m2 to cater for different house sizes.

    Design Support and Fees for the Construction Tender and Site Supervision are very depending on the procurement chosen. Hence these fees will need to be assessed in every specific case. Please contact us with your project requirements for a more detailed fee assessment.

  • Building Prices

    Building Prices are given to give an approximate cost guide

    (standard quality building finishes and applicances)

    Please contact us with your project requirements and we can calculate correct prices based on the desired finishes and location of the project.

  • Terms and Conditions

    We set out to provide an excellent design service to all our clients.

    If for any unforseen reason we will not be able to provide this level of service for your project, we will contact you within 48h of your enquiry and discuss the potential options. 


    For the complete Terms and Conditions please follow see the link below:

  • Design and Time Schedules

    We treat each project as a priority and will work with you to make sure the project is designed and developed within your required time schedule.

    As a guide the following rule gives an approximate idea of the required design times:

    Value of service devided by 10 equals design time in days

    (+ 2 weeks admin time).

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